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Creative Confinement

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May 2020

CANADA made a wicked video about being creative during quarantine. Boredom sometimes inspires even more creativity, and that was the jist of the whole thing. They came to us to ask if we’d create some backup posts to give the whole thing a bit more of a campaign-y feel. Obviously a shoot was not on the cards, so we created content with the footage they already had in their pretty cool and rather large archives.


Although we were like “YEAH, CREATIVITY” we also were like “YEAH, RESTING” and didn’t want to be that person putting on the pressure to create. Be productive. Do stuff. Do more stuff. No. We wanted to show the creative side to everything we were doing, especially the doing of nothing that is super mega underratedly important in times of emotional stress.


We took examples of quarantine typical things, and gave them a creative spin. It felt pretty good to find valid excuses for doing nothing, and that’s what we wanted everyone else to feel. We matched up the situations with images from CANADA’s archives to create a range of posts.

It’s Nice That wrote a lovely little article on the pieces which you can read here.

Creative Confinement Creative Confinement
Creative Confinement Creative Confinement


Creative Copy: Chloe Cordon
Creative Art & Design: Alba Ciércoles
Creative Producer: Nunu Muñoz-Ramos
Account Director: Laura Isern-Schaefer
Production: CANADA

Creative Confinement