Grass roots


What we did

Creative strategy, creative concept, copywriting, scripts, art direction, production, creative direction.



Get people excited to play football in a team again. 


Engagement and excitement. And the sales of a new collection.


Digital Campaign (Video + photo)


Social media and web.

Adidas and Fútbol Emotion wanted to celebrate the return of football after almost 2 years of quarantine and 0 team sports. In the process, they were launching a new collection of amateur team clothing and boots. We were challenged with getting people coming out of quarantine onto the pitch, whilst wearing some snazzy new boots (them, not us).


Directed at a younger audience, amateur teams, and lovers of the beautiful game, we say no. It’s not just a game, as many say. We landed at the claim “It’s just a game, until you play” tapping into the insight that the whole world of amateur football is more than just playing, it’s about community, and coming together as a team.


We conceptualised and executed the entire campaign, highlighting new product, and adapted everything to Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese and a gazillion cutdowns for every format thinkable. Photos AND moving photos. What a score.



Adidas x Fútbol Emotion

Account Director: Laura Isern

Creative Director: Chloe Cordon and Alba Ciércoles 

Copywriter: Álvaro Lens

Director: Belle De Nuit