What we did

Collection presentation



Launch event for the Maharaja collection




Collection presentation



Create an immersive experience for press and influencers communicating the launch of the new Maharaja collection.


We covered the facade of the event space with a mirrored vinyl so that walking in the door felt like walking into a different world, an immersive experience created with a tunnel draped in terracotta material with surround sound effects.

The tunnel lead to the main space, where waiting in the entrance was the welcome gift, displayed on an industrial style scaffold structure. We gave each attendant a bag with a jewellery box and a flower that was used throughout the event. Each bag had a linen tag with a unique number stamped on it to enter into a raffle to win the star piece of the newest collection.

On a metal table in the middle of the space we exhibited the collection for all (well, all VIPs) to see. Each piece of jewellery had a bespoke stand which were snuggly nestled between sand dunes.

The space was converted into some kind of huge tactile moodboard for the collection, draped with printed photos of the campaign and textures of the collection stitched onto material, and each plate of the catering was designed with the concept in mind, making the nibbles themselves a sensory experience.




Agency: FLIRT

Account Director: Laura Isern-Schaefer

Creative Direction: Alba Ciércoles

Set Design: Alex la Salle

Set Design Assistant: Julia

Catering: Taula Franca

Photo: Olea

Sound: weareback4more y davidgausa

Jewellery Stands: Cristian Herrera Dalmau

Textiles: Maria Gasa