My Alter Ego


What we did

Concept, copywriting, script, art direction, creative direction.



Create a brand world for INNSiDE’s 2024 annual campaign


Chucking it in the book it bucket


Digital Campaign (Video + Photo)


All over the place online

INNSiDE tasked us with creating a digital brand campaign to help them show the world who they are during a whole year. The focus was on urban hotels and creating a statement campaign that lives and breathes the change in direction the brand is taking tonally.


We developed the concept A Weekend With My Alter Ego playing with the different personalities you take on in cities across the world. The different styles, the different character traits, and even different names. In the main AV piece our protagonist Sol Pardo also went by the name of Sunny and Sonne when she visited Newcastle and Hamburg.

We scripted the spot, as well as a whole host of banners and social media content, developing a unique art direction to bring the brand to life.



INNSiDE By Melia


Account Director: Laura Isern-Schaefer

Account Manager: Aketz Zubia

Creative Direction: Chloe Cordon and Alba Ciércoles

Art Direction: Alba Ciércoles 

Copy: Chloe Cordon


Video production: Vivir Rodando

Talent: Sol Pardo

Filmmaker: Nicolau Alvarez

Editor: Carlota Oms

Stylist: Angela Gomez

MUAH: Marta Caudet

Photo Assistant: Pau Illana