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February 2022

Nómada is a artisan micro-brewery based in Barcelona, which was ready to make it big time. They wanted to go to mass market a.k.a supermarket. To do so, they needed a branding exercise. Our challenge was to take their personality and values, and translate them into a brand identity that fits them snug as a bug in a rug, and apply it to the packaging for the first beer in the line, NaturePils.


Our starting point was the brand values: creativity, being connected to nature, having fun whilst ya work, being technically outstanding and nerdy about making beers, and wild chaos, which means something like following your instincts and going with the flow even if it’s a bit messy. From there we developed the concept of “A Lo Salvaje” (wild-style I guess would be a rough translation).

From there came an art direction formed around the flavours of the beers. Nature is chaotic, so we chose to organise these “ingredients” in a way that explains where they come from, inspired in encylopedias and text books, the perfect format for analysing the stuff going into the beers. We tried to take the form of natural organic forms (mountains, rocks, etc) inserting the texture of the ingredient inside that shape. We also made use of footnotes, figures, and appendices to bring to life the tone of voice we also developed for the brand.


For the NaturePils beer we wanted to accentuate its flavours of bread, wild flowers and white fruits.


Account Director: Laura Isern
Art Director: Alba Ciércoles 

Copywriter: Chloe Cordon
Designer: Tobias Bschorr