She Knows



Launch VASQUIAT in New York to the fancy female fashion market.

Youtube & Instagram

December 2019


She Knows.
She knows all of the secrets of the fashion world, and for that reason she knows Vasquiat.
We created an elusive and aspirational personality – she – that speaks directly to the target market. It keeps up the exclusivity of the brand (if you know you know), but opens it up to everyone who identifies with the target market a.k.a really fashionable people with damn good taste.
We worked hand in hand with CANADA and director ROGELIO to develop an art direction that took a twist on the usual fashion film. We decided to show as little face as possible to keep “she” as ambiguous as possible. Am I she? Do you know VASQUIAT?
Well there’s your answer.


We explored all of the secrets of the fashion world, turning Vasquiat into the newest one.
We created a 45” film for Youtube and Instagram that was cut down into various Instagram stories. We also optimised the film shoot to create a range of static images that were used across social media posts, pop-up shop invites, web, and more.



Creative Copy: Chloe Cordon
Creative Art: Alba Ciércoles
Account Director: Flor R Digiorgio
Creative Direction: CANADA X FLIRT

Production Co: CANADA
Director: ROGELIO
Photographer: Adriana Roslin
Executive Producer: Oscar Romagosa
Head of Production: Julia Carrasco
Agency Producer: Noe Montero
Line Producer: Xavi Vara
Production Manager: Ágata Bert
DOP: Daniel Meré
Art Director: Pitu Fernández
Casting: LANE Casting
Styling: Blanca MiróAnais Codina
Makeup+Hair: Ana Cano
1st AD: Laura Ruiz
1st AC: Ivi Koyck
2nd AC & Loader: Edu Collado
Video Assist: Alex Oriach
Gaffer: Pau Ramirez
Color: Marc Morató
Sound design: Luis Ortega